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Align Experts Consultants is team of senior people with vibrant ideas and strong operational expertise. Team supports for each and every stage of project and definitely one of the best food consulting team to work. Cheers Keep up the good work!

Turnkey Projects Solutions

Food Turnkey projects:

AlignExperts is a food industry business that offers turnkey services and products. We provide everything from start-up to scale-up, from raw materials to finished products. We have experience with a wide range of clients and projects, so whatever your needs may be, we can help you find the right solution. We use cutting-edge technologies to keep you one step ahead of your rivals. For all your demands, we offer solutions that are cost effective. We guarantee that all the projects are completed efficiently and on time and provide lifelong assistance to guarantee maximum productivity. We have been doing this for years now, and we know what it takes to be successful in this field. Our services in the food turnkey projects include:

    1. Business strategy for the food industry
    2. Factory setup and design
    3. The creation of product samples in laboratories and their formulation
    4. Process design and study
    5. Selection of machinery and equipment for process plants
    6. Design and material suggestions for food packaging
    7. Staff training
    8. Quality Assurance, Development, and Testing
    9. Permits/license, endorsements, and certification
    10. Creating a Marketing Plan
    1. Business strategy for the food industry
      At AlignExperts, we believe that every business should be able to succeed. That’s why we’re here—to help you see your dreams through to the end. In all facets of the food sector, we’ll collaborate with you to develop special approaches based on the desired results and your specifications. From ideation and planning to real manufacturing, we’ll offer assistance with reasonable and efficient ways to raise gross profit.
    2. Factory setup and design
      We provide guidance on selecting and arranging production machinery and equipment as well as selecting the suitable procedures and tools.
    3. Managing and planning projects
      We make sure that your projects are correctly managed in compliance with necessary standards and certifications from the early planning phases through execution, monitoring, and closing.
    4. Equipment
      We help you in sourcing and replacing old equipment with new ones from vendors. We also design and fabricate new machines for your plant setup.
    5. Permits, endorsements, and certification
      We support you in acquiring the licences and certifications required for your enterprise or product. We also offer technical support for any type of documentation needed to comply with legal requirements.
    6. Factory setup, Growth, Moving
      To free you up to focus on running your business, we will handle all aspects of plant setup, expansion, and shifting, including licence, raw material availability, product launch, etc.
    7. Product Creation
      We will handle all facets of product creation, including product design, packaging, and market research, so you won’t have to worry about any production-related issues at all.
    8. Project Sustainability
      We assist our clients in conducting gap analyses, project viability assessments, and feasibility studies.
    9. Project Administration
      We conduct research and offer advice to our clients on how to manage projects from inception through closure. We are committed to taking care of every aspect of your project life cycle. We deliver high-quality services that ensure timely completion of projects on time with minimal budget overruns.
    10. Technological Advancement
      Our team has extensive experience managing a variety of projects, from small to large-scale, using a variety of technologies.

We are a team of experts who have been working with food industry for a long time. We have worked with many research organizations and universities to develop new products, processes and techniques that would help our clients in achieving their goals.


For Turnkey Projects, our area of expertise includes:


  • Packaged Drinking Water, Beverages & Juices Production
  • Soft Drink Production Plant
  • Non Carbonated Drink Plant
  • Energy Drink Plant
  • Flavored, Coconut Water Plant
  • Fruit Juice, Synthetic Juice Production Plant
  • Spices Production, Mini Spices Grinding Mill, Spice Mixes Plant
  • Instant Mixes Production Plant
  • Soup Powder Production Plant
  • Instant Tea & Coffee Plant
  • Cereal & Cereal Products Plants
  • Khakhara Production , Dry Dosa Production
  • Bakery Production Units, Cockies Products Plant
  • Thepla Production & Packaging Plant
  • Panipuri, Soan Papdi Production Plant
  • Fruit & Vegetables Production Plant
  • Tomato Ketchup & Sauce Plant
  • Lemon Juice & Instant Lemon Bottling
  • Jam & Jelly Products Plant
  • Ice-Cream Production Plant
  • Vegetable Chutney Production & Packaging Plant
  • Pickles & Fruit Sweets Production Plant
  • Fruit Salt Powder & Sodacool Type Powder Production Project
  • Milk & Dairy Products Plant
  • Milk & Curd Production Plant
  • Buttermilk Pouch Packaging Plant
  • Paneer & Paneer Cude Production Plant
  • Long Life Milk Sweets Production Plant
  • Rasogulla & Gulabjamun Canning Plant
  • Chocolate Sweets & Chocolate Balls Production Plant
  • Oils, Fat & Emulsion Products
  • Edible Oil Production & Packaging Plan
  • Edible Oil Repacking Plant
  • Table Margarine Production Plant
  • Fat Spread Production Plant
  • Coconut Oil Bottling Plant
  • Mayonnaise Production & Packaging Plant
  • Namkeen, Chips, Fryums & Farsan Project
  • Potato Chips, Banana Chips Plant
  • Namkeen & Chips Production Plant
  • Papad Pipe Production Plant
  • Ready To Eat Or Ready To Cook Products Projects
  • Ready To Eat – Subji, Raspatra & Undhiyu Production Plant
  • Ready To Cook – Pauva, Halva, Upma Production Plant
  • General Food Processing Plant
  • Roti/Chapati Production