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Alignexperts has a lengthy and illustrious history in the realm of food consultancy. For many years, we have led the way in the field and are renowned for our creative approaches. We are really happy with our accomplishments and grateful to everyone who helped us get here.

The group’s goal is to gather experts in the food sector in a setting where they could debate and exchange concepts, trends, and areas of specialization. From this point on, the Alignexperts attracted top consulting professionals from almost all facets of the food sector. Almost any food business segment may benefit from the support and problem-solving skills offered by The Alignexperts.

Support and consulting across all the disciplines you’ll need to grow your food business

Why choose us

Verified Consultants

We provide highly qualified, seasoned, certified, and professional consultants for business. We provide sage counsel on the production of food and are reliable. Discover the best answers to the company's demands with the help of the assistance of our food and beverage design consultants.

End-to-end Assistance

To assist in finding the ideal expert, Alignexperts has a specialized staff. We want to remain by the client's side from the trip's outset to the finish. We also ensure that the client's relationship with our experts benefits both parties.

Utmost Confidentiality

We guarantee total confidentiality for both manufacturers and food consultants. When the client posts requests confidently, we won't seek any data. Get relief from the exposure fear. Please don't worry.

Time and Cost Savings

Investing a lot of time and energy in an independent search for how to be a food consultant is necessary. However, we simplify things at Alignexperts. Register with Alignexperts before posting needs and engage skilled food consultants. Submit the needs, and one of our advisors will contact the client.

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Support and consulting across all the disciplines you’ll need to grow your food business


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With honesty, integrity, and transparency, Align Experts strives to maintain excellence in integrated solutions for hospitality projects while offering added value services to our clients and upholding high-quality standards at all times.

Align Experts vision:

●  Conduct a series of strategic assessments to regularly evaluate the true impact of the food services crisis on health.

● Identify the growth of meal delivery and examine how this new consumption trend affects the catering industry.

● Describe the scope of the use of dark kitchens and the rise of new meal delivery companies.

● Identify the structural alterations in the food service caused by variations in consumption patterns and timings.

● Imagine the effects of shifting lunchtime routines, especially as teleworking becomes more prevalent.

● Expect the baking and pastry sectors of the catering industry to grow significantly.

Our mission

Our mission is to effectively meet the food industry’s varied and constantly evolving needs to support our customers in producing high-quality goods while upholding strict production standards, complying with food safety regulations, and developing the food industry’s workforce toward business excellence.

Ensure the success of our clients by:

● Delivering knowledge, direction, and mentoring through consultancy;

● Providing instruction and information transfer through targeted training;

● Carrying out thorough audits and GAP analyses to determine their level of preparedness and compliance.

our Core Values

Our team

Meet our team of food professional consultants, food scientists, food business professionals, and more.

  • Shiva Kumar

    Founder & CEO

    The founder of Consulting WP, he has been the captain of this ship from the beginning and has sailed...

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  • Clark Roberts

    Chief Finance Officer

    Being the CFO in the Financial Industry is a tough task, thankfully he was here to man the helm...

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  • Ashley Hardy

    VP Sales and Marketing

    She is an accomplished business developer. Her skills at creating relationships with clients are...

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  • Dennis Norris

    Chief Marketing Officer

    He has helped Business WordPress Theme reach new heights and enter new markets. His skills of understanding...

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  • Gina Kennedy


    As we help other companies grow, she helps us grow. She handles all the internal work at WP consulting...

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  • Fernando Torres

    Tax Consultant

    Tax laws and regulations are some of the most complicated and infuriating parts of the financial...

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