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food product development

Food product development is the gamut of creating, processing, and then successfully commercializing a new food product. Although these three steps appear simple, the whole process goes through a good deal of planning, creative designing, thorough experimenting, and, last but not least, test marketing.

As a food product development Company, we are keen on developing unique new food development ideas to serve your taste buds. Our in-depth research and versatility of experts have ideated new food product development ideas to revolutionize the concept of food development.

As specialists in food development, we possess the unique ability to turn every feasible food idea into a mouth-watering and healthy food product that could cater to the tastes of connoisseurs. Over the years, we have drawn wide acclaim by creating whole food ideas for all age groups.

Let’s know about the entire process that, as a food product developer, we specialize in and help people make the tastiest food products.

Generating a Practical Food Development Idea

The right kind of food development idea is the foundation stone for the making of a unique food development concept. Right at this initiation stage, our specialists begin brain-storming. The onus on us is to examine every possible idea that could lead us to a fantastic food product. So the first step is familiar as ideation.  Ideation is generation of innovative and marketable new food product development ideas.

With years of hands-on experience, our core marketing team develops the idea at its core level and then sends it to the group product development team. Years of research in marketing, analysis of consumer needs, and most importantly, the study of the gaps in the market help marketers feel for new food development.

Creating a Good Prototype is the next move.

Once the teams visualize the new product idea, we waste no time, and we try hard to create a prototype or golden standard that could reasonably describe the desirable look and taste of the product. The experimentation for food production development occurs in the insides of a kitchen or at an outside test kitchen facility.

At this stage, the experiment goes mainly on a trial and error basis that will ultimately help birth of a new food product. A person with the best knack for culinary or cooking gets involved at this stage to form the prototype because they have an in-depth understanding of food science.

A sensory evaluation is the next essential step.

As a choice of the right food depends on the human senses, the following desirable step of the food product development consultant is to make a sensory evaluation by determining its taste, smell, quality, and overall appearance. The innovations in the product would bring into perception the genuine food product. It is primarily a task carried out by the in-house team. Here the team invites feedback so that the product can go through modifications to meet the expected standards.

Then go for a Pilot Test.

As the new food product gets ready, the next step is to test it on a larger scale. Known everywhere as a Pilot study, it replicates its production commercially, giving a finishing touch to its specifications as a food product. It entails a critical step for the food product development consultants as successfully conducting a pilot study test determines the marketing success of the product. This product design might bring specific changes as preparation for a small group of consumers could become significantly different for a larger group. The pilot test could only inform about the necessary modifications that the food product development might need at a later stage. The food production consultants get a fair idea about the future food product at this stage.

Do the product modification as per the sensory evaluation

As the real purpose of sensory assessment enables the food production consultant to understand the minute changes that might require bringing in the product, the core team of the food product developers moves next to make the necessary changes in the food product. After this, the new product goes for the next essential step, consumer testing.

Consumer Testing

As the modified product gets ready, the food development company moves to the target consumer audience. The objective here is to get the product rid of any personal bias. The food product development consultants test the food product with a friendly group as the result might not be satisfactory for a vast audience. Now the food development consultant creates a focus group, and its members might consist of a particular genre of consumers like babies, pregnant women, or students with athletic pursuits.

Get the exact specifications finalized

As the food product developers test the new product with a larger audience and the fresh food product meets the exact specifications, the food manufacturing consultants get all the information ready to enable them to make further changes to the new product.

Get it tested in the Market.

At length, the food developers are confident that the consumers are happy with the new product; the time is ripe for the commercial launching of the food product. The manufacturer might intend to launch it nationally or regionally. As the product performs in the Market, its sales records could highlight more changes or modifications required. Brilliant advertising campaigns decide the future of the product.