Food Product Formulation

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Food Product Formulation

Food product formulation is the combined process of preparing and developing food products. It is also the food science of different techniques, innovative methods, and selective retention of food products by applying a trial and error selection process. If the food formulation techniques are faulty, the new food product would surely fail in the market, as with most newly launched food products. As we shoulder the critical job of new food product formulation, we pay undivided attention to every little part of our job. Over the years, we have helped small and medium-sized food development companies build up successful brands. With the surge in demand for processed foods, masses from urban and rural parts of the country enjoy eating our brands of new food products. We have equally contributed towards the creation of tasty beverage formulations and helped fresh brands grow in the markets across the nation.

As we have spent years in the food industry, we want to share part and parcel of new food formulations to help understand food development companies and consumers.

Let’s cast a glance at our profile of new food formulation;

Have a thorough understanding of Product descriptions as per the legislations of FSSAI-

When we take up the responsibility of formulating a food product, we need to abide by the legislation of the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). At the first stage of new product development, food manufacturing consultants have to ensure that, ultimately, the new food product development follows all the norms laid down by FSSAI. The regulations have laid down the strict principles that every product must have the prescribed content in its content.

Product Qualities come next.

Setting the product qualities is the most challenging task faced by food product consultants. Here the food developers, in a sense, visualize the upcoming product. How will the product get figured out, as the necessity of vital nutrition carries much weight? Demographically, we develop various products; their composition varies from person to person. Moreover, in an over-competitive market scenario, food products must provide the essentials that individuals of different ages are searching for themselves. It is the toughest task that the food product consultants need to perform.

Collect the vital information on raw materials, processing details, and their related purchase costs

Cost plays a decisive role in new food product development. It is essential to keep the list of critical raw materials ready. If we launch a milk powder, its protein composition would be lower than that of the Whey powder. The food product development consultants complete a study of raw materials’ nutritional benefits and their related purchase prices. When they decide about the raw materials, they move on to know in detail about the flavor and color that the new product would offer.

 Decide about the quantity of raw-material to get used

The amount of raw material in the new food development would decide its composition. The suitable arrangement would ensure almost everything about the future of the newly launched food product. The recipe would get total market value with the correct addition of the necessary ingredients. The food formulation consultant executes the important job of making the right mixture of proper ingredients that the prospective buyers will like to have.

What would remain the processing variables?

In addition to the raw ingredients of the new food product, the food product consultants would also calculate in detail the other costs to be incurred, such as time for production, the right temperature during production, other overheads, and other variables. All such things are essential during the manufacturing process. The processing variables form a vital part of the new food product formulations.

End product analysis is too critical.

When the end product is in our hands, we proceed to analyze it in-depth. As making changes is inevitable at this stage, the food manufacturing consultants make the necessary changes here to prove the product’s efficacy in its market performance. A logical analysis of the product’s benefits is essential to relate it to the health gains it could bestow on its users.

Repeat the process

As enumerated, this process is quite formal. The food product development consultants repeat it often until they can catch all the flaws inherent in all the new products. As they know that the desirable properties concerning physical, micro-biological, chemical, and last but not least, sensory evaluations are easily attainable. They record the facts about the parameters of every ingredient in the product’s manufacturing. Iteration of the process is essential as it critically examines its content. It continues till the manufacturing process is set to perfection