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Food Consultants From Align Experts

A rapidly expanding industry in India is food processing. The Indian economy’s two major pillars, manufacturing, and agriculture are connected through the verified food processing industry. Aside from significant industries, the sector provides a wealth of investment prospects for the nation’s micro, small, and medium-sized businesses. With end-to-end solutions from product identification to plant setup and commissioning, AlignExperts assists new entrepreneurs looking to enter the food processing business.

We provide guidance and knowledge to the food production sectors. The industry can improve or enhance its food goods with the expert direction of a consultant. In other words, for the greatest outcomes, every sector of the food production business should engage a professional food processing and plant design consultant.

We could see there is dearth of food consulting platform that can provide the robust solutions to both seekers and consultant. To make this happen, we have pool of handpicked food industry consultants including technical, marketing, advisory committee and legal. Before hire them we double check their credentials such as previous project, case study, qualification, and experience. In this manner, we connect food industry consultants with you to ensure best results.


Market Research
Product Development
Plant Setup
Machinery Installation
Technology Adoption
License & Certifications
Packaging & Distribution

An overview of the Indian food processing sector

  • Largest spice producer, user, and exporter worldwide
  • The world’s largest cashew nut producer and consumer
  • Largest milk producer worldwide
  • Second-largest fruit producer in the world
  • Vegetable production in the world’s second-largest country
  • Globally expanding market for beverages
  • World’s largest livestock population
  • 1.3 billion people make up a sizable domestic market.

Align Experts Offers Various Food Industry Services

1. Food Processing Consultants

We have a team of experts in their respective fields that are competent and experienced food processing consultants. We provide the assessment to a large pool of vetted and experienced food processing specialists based on business needs.

  • Help to choose the product based on your interests.
  • Provide a thorough analysis of the market for the chosen product.
  • Assistance with equipment selection and plant setup 
  • Assistance with extending the quality and shelf life of the product.
  • Better client reach with digitally connected marketing techniques
  • Help manage the supply chain from beginning to finish 

2. FSSAI Consultants

The FSSAI in India issues food licenses to food-related enterprises such as producers, merchants, retailers, etc. Our food license consultant can handle everything, from the entire food industry and product registration procedure through the state and central license.

  • To best consumer trust, a food license is essential.
  • Businesses with an FSSAI license are eligible for investment and loans.
  • An FSSAI license may help firms increase the value of their brand.
  • An FSSAI license is necessary for business growth.
  • Businesses can access legal benefits by obtaining an FSSAI license.
  • The FSSAI license may determine food purity.

3. Food Quality Assurance Consultants

The quality of the food to be produced is crucial. As a result, food and beverage consultants have appropriate guidance from experts with experience in food quality assurance who can assist in putting the necessary safety standards and practices in place.

  • Assistance with plant and production layout design to guarantee food safety
  • Creating guidelines for the handling, storing, and preparation of food
  • Preparing employees to adhere to personal hygiene rules
  • Some product recalls with improved quality and safety
  • Better customer retention and food safety

4. Food Technology Consultants

The success of a corporation is significantly influenced by technology. Our technology specialists can assist in implementing the most recent technologies in your food processing facility, enabling technology to use.

  • Assistance in choosing the appropriate technology for your food company
  • Assist you in installing the technology to your needs
  • Using technology to automate the production processes
  • Technology-driven tactics for improved product marketing
  • Modernization of technological systems in food processing facilities
  • Utilize the newest technologies to optimize your resources.

5. Food Formulation Consultants

The beginning of the food processing business involves the formulation of food. We will establish the proper formula for the kind of food product made with the assistance of a food safety consultant. To ensure that the quality is maintained, our food formulation specialist will assist in developing the ideal formulation.

  • The way a food product is prepared makes all the difference.
  • Proper requirement analysis before beginning the formulation
  • When creating the product, choose the right ingredients.
  • Assist in overcoming difficulties with the composition of food products

Industry Subsectors in the Food Processing Sector

Our only goal is to change how businesses recruit and retain such talent. We have an experienced technical team and advisory committee that chooses the industry-specific consultants after completely confirming their credentials and looking through the previously finished projects by the experts. Food consultants are then categorized under certain project expertise. By doing this, we ensure that your search for a consultant for the food processing industry is handled and that the consultants provide work of the necessary caliber. We provide consulting services throughout food processing industry subsectors as the leading food consultants in India.

  • RTE & RTC
  • Nutraceutical Foods
  • Agro Foods
  • Beverages
  • Bakery Products
  • Organics Food
  • Dairy Products
  • Meat & Poultry
  • Edible oils
  • Species & Condiment
  • Frozen Foods 
  • Fruits & Vegetables

Stands to benefit

Despite being a fun and rewarding industry, food processing needs a lot of labor and careful planning to succeed over the long run. Along with having a strong brand and brand value, snack food consultants in India consider the product line, innovations, and other elements important to the general quality. Significant advantages of food compliance consultant

  • The time and money will be better spent.
  • With the appropriate technical improvements, we will assist.
  • We render the client fully protected.
  • Using consultants will make networking and locating the best equipment and raw materials suppliers simpler.
  • Our food experts can provide information about the furry market’s potential.
  • We evaluate all the ideas and initiatives for viability.
  • Because every product requires a different marketing approach, food experts shorten the learning curve and provide insights.

Why You Should Hire Us

We link highly qualified independent food consultants with businesses and assist them in developing dependable, long-term partnerships so we can do more together as the world’s job marketplace. Allow us to assist in assembling the ideal food packaging consultants in India

  • Verified Consultants

We provide highly qualified, seasoned, certified, and professional consultants for business. We provide sage counsel on the production of food and are reliable. Discover the best answers to the company’s demands with the help of the assistance of our food and beverage design consultants.

  • Qualified Experts

The authorized food consultants with us have extensive training. We provide various information, skills, and expertise in the food production industry. With the help of our online platform, easy discussion of needs and receiving insightful counsel are possible.

  • End-to-end Assistance

To assist in finding the ideal expert, Alignexperts has a specialized staff. We want to remain by the client’s side from the trip’s outset to the finish. We also ensure that the client’s relationship with our experts benefits both parties.

  • Utmost Confidentiality

We guarantee total confidentiality for both manufacturers and food consultants. When the client posts requests confidently, we won’t seek any data. Get relief from the exposure fear. Please don’t worry. 

  • Time and Cost Savings

Investing a lot of time and energy in an independent search for how to be a food consultant is necessary. However, we simplify things at Alignexperts. Register with Alignexperts before posting needs and engage skilled food consultants. Submit the needs, and one of our advisors will contact the client. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The sole purpose to hire a food consultant is to guide you towards healthier business decisions, a refined approach to problem solving and sustainable growth and sustainability.

Actually it depends cases to cases. If it is a small project, for example mango pulp, it may take 3 to 5 days, but if want to establish a full-fledged plant it may longer time.

We are sorry. We always deliver quality, FDA-compliant products to every customer. Our consultants are highly experienced and industry experts. We are one of the best Food Consultants in India with 25 years of experience.

We continuously provide updates about the project to our clients. We make sure that yours business going in right direction. Time to time we drive webinar, seminar and meet ups, so you keep updated.

Charges depend on your project and your needs. You can contact us to know the price. Once you subscribe to our paid membership, you will avail dozens of benefits.

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